Hej (Danish for hi), I'm Landi.

I started shooting people professionally in 2007. (Note: I am not a hitman, I am a photographer.) I never know where my art will take me or who I will get to meet, and I love that! You cannot imagine the fantastic people that I have gotten to capture a moment in time of!

I have had the opportunity to photograph politicians (Does not reflect my beliefs or views) such as: Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry, U.S. Representative from Texas Roger Williams, Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell, Texas First Lady Cecila Abbot, & George P. Bush. I have also gotten to photograph some "Texas Red Dirt Road" Country Music Stars such as Kevin Fowler & Pat Green. I have written and photographed for 4 or 5 different publishing companies with regional magazines and I continue to do graphic design work and photo restoration of your precious memories of days past. 

If you are still reading...I do speak Danish, I used to live in Denmark so there is a fun fact for you! I have two girls, Laney & Maizey (Photos courtesy of Portraits by Tracy in Amarillo, Texas check her out at portraits-by-tracy.com). We have a rescue pup named Laird (I am pretty sure after Laird Hamilton the surfer? ), and two bunnies Nutella & Oreo. I am from the Texas Panhandle. I love film (the kind you go in a dark room with), and I studied visual arts at Amarillo College and later taught digital imaging (photography/photoshop/lightroom) at SWAU. I love all things vintage, fun people, and fun places.

I am ready to photograph you, your family, your business, or your event! Photography lasts and I hope to capture a moment in time for you soon!